About Us

Know More About HIPAL

On behalf of the Higher Institute of Petroleum & Logistics), I would like to welcome you to the University for your studies and thank you for the significant commitment you are making to improve the quality of your life for the future.

As the leading university in the field of Logistics, Engineering, we want to improve the performance of the University not only on building on courses and programmes quality, but also maintaining and improving our reputation nationally and internationally. As a result, sustained efforts are being made in investing in a number of infrastructure such as laboratories, classrooms, equipment, residential and office accommodation for both staff and students to enhance teaching and learning.
As an institution, we are committed to excellence in teaching and in an ever-increasing manner, to research and development.  Increasingly we are judging our performance in the context of challenging benchmarks, thinking more globally, establishing international relationships with some leading universities, organisations and generally making the University an exciting academic place to be.
At HIPAL, students do not only receive theoretical education, they also experience the richness of practical education through laboratory and field work as well as compulsory internships in the industry. I am delighted that you have decided to pursue your education at this university.  As you begin your studies, you are assured of a friendly academic environment where both teaching and non-teaching staff are dedicated to preparing you for work in the future.
The University places a lot of emphasis on the importance of merit in everything it does. It is quite clear to you that our entrance standards are highly competitive and therefore demands high quality student performance. Expectations on academic performance predominate over all other matters.  If you want to become part of the HIPAL family, then you will need to understand and accept this emphasis on academic standards, and the consequences of not performing at your best.
Thank you for making the commitment to come to HIPAL to pursue your dream of experiencing higher quality education. I trust that the experiences and skills acquired here will help you to feel better equipped to undertake any challenging role after your graduation. We look forward with hope that you will study very hard and become part of the legion of HIPAL alumni in the future.

Our Vision

To transform Cameroon’s science and technology education for development.

Our Mission

The Higher Institute of Petroleum & Logistics will create an appropriate academic and social environment within the context of modern technology to produce graduates who:
a. Are highly skilled and secure in the use of technology;
b. Effectively use technology as a tool;
c. Conduct innovative research and provide extension services for industry in the whole of Africa and Cameroon in particular;
d. Are equipped with designing and manufacturing/production skills; and
e. Are capable of working independently or in a team in the competitive modern science and technology job market, while supporting the developmental plan of the country, thereby making available the high level human capital required for development on our continent.

HIPAL is accredited by the Ministry Higher Education